Broken / Moisture Glass
Broken glass is not only the safety reason but also affects your energy bill.
 broken glass   broken glass
Moisture between IGU( insulated glass units) is the result of an imperfect or damaged seal that is letting new air into the space between the panes. Unfortunately there are no good shortcuts for windows with seal fail. The IGU needs to be replaced (not the whole window).
 moisture   moisture

Window Hardware
Window hardware is a very important part of windows. The function is to operate and lock the window sashes. Most of broken hardware is caused by itself or cockeyed window sash. Need to check window sash when you replace the hardware.
 window hardware

Weather-striping is the process of sealing openings such as doors and windows from the elements. They provide an acceptable seal against air and water ingress for a number of years under normally occurring changes in the size of the joint, thus saving energy on heating and air conditioning.

If you have some doors around your home that aren’t working quite right such as hard to open and close, won`t stay latched, against other parts of door jamb, and broken door hardware, don`t despair. Most of them could be fixed.

Patio Door
Patio door is the most used door in our home because it is the doorway to the good stuff – backyard fun, pools and swing sets, etc. Some common problems happened when it get old like difficult to slide, moisture in panes, broken glass, broken lock, and fail weather-stripping. It is great to fix them without replace patio door.
 Patio Door

Window screens, like glass, can also be replaced. Screen has a dual function: letting in fresh air and keeping bugs outside, however, window screens can get punctured or torn. They can be fixed by replacing screen mesh or whole screen.

Storm Door
Storm doors provide additional insulation in heating and cooling seasons and ventilation in between. Storm doors are a convenient option to provide extra natural light and ventilation.
 Storm door   Storm door

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